/ Usage Tips

Welcome to ByMorte, if you haven’t already be sure to download the app


Getting Started

So, you got the app, now what?

When getting started the app will pick a day 10 years into the future, that day is designated as your “Death Day”.

Everyday the ByMorte app will count down how many days you have left until your death day. Everyday as well it will give you a quote of the day, along with a link to check out the author of the quote.


The First Few Weeks

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the first few weeks are going to be hard.

You will feel stressed, you will worry, you will begin to question just about everything. This is normal, and part of the process. 

The whole point of this app is to get you thinking, wondering, and most of all, asking. You will be pressured to think about your life in ways you never thought before. You will experience situations such as:

  • Wondering whether or not that fight with your co-worker is really worth it
  • Thinking about your kids, should you no longer exist after your death day
  • Wondering what has life meant to you up till now, and what does it mean after this
  • Thinking at a higher level, focusing on the long term effects of your actions


Being Inspired To Educate Yourself

Ultimately, ByMorte will get you thinking, which will get you educating yourself, which will get you growing.

Think of it as a “Kick In The Butt” to get you going on your life, because you have no excuse to delay your plans. You have a dream to fulfill, and far less time to do it.


What Happens On My “Death Day”?

Odds are, you will be just fine.

But what would it mean to you? Where would you be on this day 10 years later after running forward like you’ve got a purpose?

Undoubtedly, you’ll be light-years ahead of where you were. You probably won’t even recognize who you were before.



While using the app, I highly suggest the following:

  • Check the quote of the day, every day
    • This will lead to exposing yourself to new knowledge
  • Check the works by the authors of the quotes
    • This will lead you to powerful books and programs to develop yourself
  • Read, Read, Read! Aim for at least one book a week
  • Every year when you come to your Death Day, take some time to reflect
  • Keep a notebook ( will cover more in blog post )


Over time you will change, grow, and evolve. You will be passively pushed to become a far greater person.